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Real estate agents and real estate brokers are being targeted by a new cyberattack, which could cause a significant loss to some of the biggest names in the real estate market.

According to a report by the cybersecurity firm Cybersecurity Intelligence Group (CIG), the hack appears to be targeting the brokerage house of the Belize real-estate company, Kaplan Real Estate.

The report said the cyberattack targeted the email accounts of more than a dozen members of the Kaplan staff.CIG also said it had not seen any evidence of malicious activity, but noted that it had seen evidence of a phishing attack, which is the process of phishing people to send them malicious links.

It said the attackers used a similar technique to send emails to several Kaplan employees, who were not targeted.

The attacks came just days after hackers broke into the company’s computer systems, stealing information and sending emails to the Belmopanese company’s employees.

The cyberattack on Kaplan was not the first time cybercriminals have targeted the real-property business, according to the cybersecurity firms report.

Earlier this month, CIG reported that hackers broke in to the company and stole data and emails, among other data, that showed the company was in negotiations with a former partner for a $1 billion deal to buy its Belize property portfolio.

The former partner’s stake in the company has not been finalized.