When dogs walk, dogs bark: The best of the best in the world of Seattle real estate

A Seattle-based real estate developer and owner of Seattle’s best-known luxury condominiums has made history as the first person to become the first human to walk a dog.

Reo Real Estate Development, which is owned by Reo Group, the same company behind the world-famous Reo Tower in London, announced in a press release on Wednesday that it had been named as the recipient of the first ever Walk-a-thon by a human being.

The walker was named Reo, after the Norwegian word for “dog”, Reus, and was named after a city in Norway.

The event was held in New York City on Wednesday morning and will be broadcast live on NBC News.

Reos Walk-A-Thons are a unique event for anyone with an interest in real estate.

It’s a challenge that combines the thrill of walking a dog with the challenge of owning a home.

Reos Walk A Thons are held in various locations around the world, including in New Zealand, the Netherlands, Denmark, Singapore, Italy, the United Kingdom and Canada.

For Reos, it was a great day to get recognition and the chance to do something special for a great cause.

The Walk- a-thons was started by Reos founder and CEO, Erik Reos.

He said Reos was always interested in new ideas and this was no exception.

The dog walker will be featured on Reos’ website in the coming weeks, which includes a video of the walk.

Rea is not the only company to be recognized for its walk-a thons. 

The National Geographic Channel recently announced it had received the first award from the US Federal Aviation Administration for its Walk- A-Thon competition, which was launched in May.

In September, the National Geographic Society received its first Walk- At-Athon Award.