Which New Jersey real estate auction house sold the most houses?

NEW YORK — Real estate auctioneer and real estate broker Eric Pud said the New Jersey home he helped to build was one of the highest-priced auctions in history.

He told NJ Advance Media he sold a $1.6 million house in the Hudson Valley for $3.9 million in January.

He said he expects to sell another $400,000 house next month.

The auction house, located at 1565 Woodland Avenue in Woodland Park, New Jersey, sold three properties totaling $1 million in the New York market.

The house in question was sold for $1,973,800 to a buyer who plans to move to New Jersey in the next year, Pud told NJ.com.

The house sold in February for $2.3 million, while the one at 1567 Woodland Ave.

sold in June for $738,200 to a seller who plans on moving to the New Haven area in 2017.

Pud said he did not sell the house because it was too high in price.

The owner of the house in Woodlands Park, David and Julie Mancuso, is still in the process of relocating to New York.

The property was purchased by Pud from his real estate agent in March and he is still looking for a new agent.

He has been working with Pud and his team since he moved to New Brunswick in November.

Puds real estate company, Windermere Real Estate, did not respond to a request for comment from NJ AdvanceMedia.