‘Weird’ ‘fake news’ in ‘fake’ real estate listings

A new “fake news” campaign has been launched in Sweden targeting the real estate industry, which is facing the largest-ever loss of properties.

The campaign, which was launched by Swedish real estate company Lidgren, is meant to highlight how real estate prices in Sweden are artificially inflated to reflect a healthy global economy, with the aim of encouraging consumers to look for the “real” product and not the “fake” one.

“We are not the ‘real’ thing, we are just a fake product.

And if we don’t get that, we can’t do well,” the company’s CEO Lars Hagen told Swedish public radio SVT.

Lidgren has been working on the campaign for three months, and its main objective is to make the Swedish realtors “feel better”.

“It’s a campaign that shows real estate investors that their real estate investments are not being treated fairly,” Hagen said.

Lidia Rantanen, a senior researcher at the Stockholm-based Stockholm Institute of Economic Research (SOE), told Swedish news site Sveriges Radio on Tuesday that the campaign aims to “create an impression that Sweden is not a global economic power, but that it is really not that”.

“This is an attempt to get investors to think about real estate as something more than a global financial asset,” she added.

“In reality, Sweden is the number one country in the world in terms of real estate.”

Lidberg’s campaign aims not only to show how “fake,” Swedish realtor services are, but also to “make the Swedish market more appealing to the public”, the company said.

The company claims that realtor websites like Listau are “frauds” that “create false information”, but that “in general, there is no difference between the prices on the websites”.

The campaign will run until October 10, with additional campaigns planned for the following months.

“This campaign will be a success if people start to trust our real estate services, because the quality of our services is quite high,” Hagan said.

“And we are trying to do the same thing.”