How to find a home in Ohio’s best-known real estate

The Ohio Real Estate Board is recommending that local governments around the state make it easier for residents to buy a home.

The Board is also recommending that the Ohio Department of Transportation build a new toll-free phone number to call for property owners.

Ohio Governor John Kasich signed a bill last week that includes these changes.

The new rules, which take effect July 1, require all cities, counties, and towns to provide homeowners information about the current market value of their homes and how much they can expect to pay.

That information will be included on the state’s Property Tax Bulletin.

The Ohio Real Property Board is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization created by the state legislature.

The board’s mission is to promote Ohio’s economic development and attract new residents to the state.

In 2018, the Ohio Real Properties Board helped more than 9,000 Ohio residents buy a new home and help other families buy their first home, according to the Board’s website.

It’s important to note that property tax notices do not include information on future payments.