Montreal real estate broker charged with sexual assault of student

A Montréal real estate agent is facing criminal charges after police say he sexually assaulted a student.

The man faces three counts of sexual assault, according to the Montréale Gazette.

The student told police she was assaulted in a bathroom at a hotel in August 2016.

The charges are related to an incident that happened on August 31.

Police say they obtained a search warrant for the man’s apartment in November.

“In the search warrant, they found several pictures of young women and an inappropriate image,” said Det.-Sgt. Yves-Michael Chantelois.

Police also found a video of the alleged incident, which they say was recorded in a hotel room.

The victim, who is a student at Concordia University, said she had no idea she had been sexually assaulted.

“It was an inappropriate situation.

I’m really upset about it.

I don’t know how to handle it,” she told the Gazette.

A spokesperson for the Montreal police service said the investigation into the incident is ongoing.

“I can confirm that we have obtained a warrant and have launched an investigation,” said spokesperson Alexandre Leduc.

He added that the sexual assault charges will not affect the criminal investigation into his office.

The Gazette spoke with the student who was sexually assaulted, who said the man used to come to the hotel for a “sexual massage.”

The woman said she was “furious” that the man would target her.

“That’s not my place.

That’s not a place for this kind of thing,” she said.

The alleged victim said she has no criminal record.

“He’s been on my street for so long that I’m a bit surprised,” she added.

The accused man was also charged with two counts of failing to disclose information under the Canada Elections Act.

“The breach of confidence charges are not related to my office,” said Chantellois.

“All that information has been provided to the authorities.”

He said that his office will be reviewing the allegations in order to make a decision about whether or not to prosecute.

The RCMP will continue to investigate.

California voters approve marijuana legalization

Voters in California have approved a ballot measure to legalize recreational marijuana in the state.

The measure would allow adults 21 and older to possess up to an ounce of marijuana and cultivate up to six plants.

It also would allow adult-use retailers to sell up to a quarter ounce of pot to adults.

The measure also includes an adult-serving ban on public displays of marijuana.

California currently has a long-standing marijuana prohibition that’s been on the books since 1937, when the state’s then-governor Nelson Rockefeller declared the drug a “dangerous and unusual” substance.

Since then, California has been in the midst of a marijuana legalization push.

The legislature approved an amendment to the state constitution that made it legal to possess marijuana in 2016, but opponents have vowed to overturn the measure.

The latest effort in the effort was backed by President Donald Trump, who announced in February that he supported the ballot initiative, although the president has not yet made a decision.