Minnesotans plan to buy 3M homes in the suburbs

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) Minnesotsans plan on buying 3M houses in the suburb of West Minneapolis, real estate broker Zillow says.

The online real estate website reports the 3M project would be built on a vacant lot on a busy stretch of Lake Street in St. Paul’s West Town neighborhood.

Zillows is a real estate company with offices in Minneapolis and Minneapolis-St. Paul.

It’s the latest in a string of suburban-area development proposals that have been attracting attention.

The property has been in the works for years and the city had no plans to build a new house.

But last year, city leaders were in talks to build apartments for the first time in decades, and the developer said it was ready to begin work on a 3M home.

Zillow’s report says the property would be sold by the developer to a group that would buy it and build apartments.

Zellers said the project is not a “mega-project” for the city.

But the site is about a half-mile from a new mall and would include retail space, an office building and a public swimming pool.

Zellers is estimating the total price of the project at $2.8 billion.