Trump: ‘There’s no question’ he is the “most powerful man in the world’

President Donald Trump said on Thursday that there was no question that he is “the most powerful man” in the U.S. and “the greatest of the modern era.”

Trump made the comments in a video posted on his Twitter account on Wednesday.

The president also told the crowd at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida, that he “never had any problems” with the media during his time in office, which is why he won.

“I’m the most powerful person in the universe, the greatest of all time, because I’m a person who’s a winner, I’m not a winner,” Trump said.

“I am a winner.

So, there’s no doubt about it.”

The president made the comment while speaking to the crowd of around 1,500 in front of his mansion.

He said that his job is to help the people of this country, which he called a “great country.”

“We’re not going to have a country unless we have people that are winners,” Trump told the cheering crowd.

“And I’m one of them.”

He also said that “the media is out of control” and said that the country needs to turn the media against them.

“There’s so much fake news, it’s so dangerous.

I mean, it has to stop,” he said.

The President has been repeatedly criticized for his handling of the situation in Charlottesville, Virginia, when white supremacists gathered in the town on August 12.

His comments during the rally and the violence at the rally led to the resignation of his chief of staff, Reince Priebus, and the loss of several other top aides.

How to Get A Mansion For $2M – By The Numbers

How much does a $2 million property in India cost?

The answer is quite simple, it depends on the size of the property and the type of property.

If you want to buy a four-storey mansion, the real estate agent in the state of Karnataka may say that you can expect to pay $2.8 million.

The real estate agency in New Delhi may say you will have to shell out $1.5 million.

But the real-estate agent in Mumbai will say the price will be around $2 billion.

In fact, it is quite possible that the real price of a five-storeys property in Mumbai is even higher than the price quoted by a real estate brokerage.

It all depends on how big a property is, and how much land is in the city.

If a five storeys property is located in a commercial area, the property is considered to be worth a lot more than a three-storeyd property.

A three-storied five-star apartment in a Mumbai neighborhood would be worth $5 million whereas a five storied four-star building in Mumbai would cost just under $2,000 million.

However, a five star apartment in Mumbai might not have much room for a bedroom.

A four-stamped five-story building in a residential area would be valued at $2 and a five Stamped five star building in an urban area would cost more than $1 million.

What about a five and a half-star condo in Mumbai?

It is not unusual to get a four star condo in a five Star condo complex, which would cost around $1 billion.

A five star condo would also be considered an impressive structure.

The property is typically situated in a big building with lots of rooms.

But how much room is it actually?

If the property was built on land that was previously used for a parking lot, or if it was built at a time when there was a shortage of parking, it would be considered to have a lot of space for parking.

So, if you want a five, you would expect to have space for 5,000 vehicles per day.

And the space you would be getting is also very small.

The price of the five star property is quite high compared to the average residential property in the region, but this is not because the property has an airy feel.

The area in which the property sits is a city center.

And if you look at the area that is located around the five-staple complex, it will cost around 2.8 to 3.5 times more to buy the property than the average luxury residential property.

There is a reason why the average price of luxury properties in Mumbai has not come down.

In the 1990s, a number of luxury condo projects were built in Mumbai.

The most notable of these was a five stone apartment block located in the upscale suburb of New Delhi.

This building was completed in 1994, and the apartments are worth a whopping $5.4 million.

At that time, the average apartment cost in Mumbai was $1,800 a month.

In 2012, the median price of an apartment in New York City was $4,800 per month.

A lot of these properties were built before the Internet bubble in the mid-2000s and early 2010s.

The luxury condo boom in the 2000s brought about a dramatic rise in the prices of luxury property.

And it is still happening.

A one-storeyt property in a luxury residential area in Mumbai could fetch a whopping 5.8 billion rupees.

The average price for an apartment at that time in Mumbai at the time of writing is around $3,000 per month, while the average home price in Mumbai now stands at around $4 million, which is a huge jump from five years ago.

It is likely that the number of properties in this segment is going to grow in the coming years.

The number of people living in Mumbai and other cities in India has been increasing steadily over the past decade.

In 2015, India had over 2.1 billion people, which was more than double the population of the United States.

But it is not just the population in India.

In 2017, China’s population reached 5.9 billion.

India has nearly 2.5 billion people.

But with such large populations, the land in the country is also being used for housing development.

This has meant that a lot has been constructed on land in Maharashtra.

The land in Mumbai also comes under the jurisdiction of the Central government, which has given it the right to purchase land from developers and developers are not allowed to build on it.

And with the recent acquisition of two large apartment blocks in Mumbai, developers are looking to expand their businesses and to extend their property portfolios.

So there is a lot that is happening in the land sector in Mumbai right now.