Why you should be paying attention to this $5.5 billion deal in real estate

By MARK BEGALON/WASHINGTON (CBSDC) It’s a blockbuster deal that will likely change the way you view and value real estate.

It’s the biggest acquisition in the history of the country’s largest real estate company, Sothebys.

And, as with so many deals, it could be worth the risk.

Sotheby, the biggest buyer of real estate in the world, is in the midst of a multi-billion-dollar purchase of some of the most recognizable properties in America.

The deal will be the biggest for the real estate giant in the country and it’s being made possible through an asset-backed security, or ARS, that is essentially a vehicle that Sothebys management and its partners have created.

Sophia SotheBY, SBI’s chief executive, is the primary investor in the deal, and the company is investing in the purchase.

SBI is in talks with a number of other investors, and has also offered to buy SotheBy for $5 billion.

The deal is also expected to include a $1 billion payment to SBI.

In the coming weeks, SBA is expected to publish a list of potential buyers, and will likely be one of the first companies to bid on the deal.SBA’s move could be a major change in the real-estate market.

Many of the biggest deals happen in the early stages of the process, and typically involve the acquisition of assets from other companies.

And it’s not unusual for these deals to be financed through debt or equity.

For SotheBrands, which owns the luxury boutique brand Bella, the purchase will create a new brand, and also a new focus.

The new name will be called Sothe by Sothe and Sothe By Bella.

The brand name will also be included in SBA’s new marketing, and SBA says it will have a new website and social media platforms.

The company says it has already built relationships with hundreds of celebrities, including Angelina Jolie, Demi Lovato, Kate Upton and Taylor Swift.

Sothebrand has also partnered with a variety of local charities, including a new foundation to support the fight against HIV and AIDS.

This deal is expected not to affect the price Sothebrokers will be paying for its portfolio of assets, but will affect the value of its portfolio, and that is a big deal.

SBA estimates the total value of SotheBrand’s portfolio to be about $2.8 billion.

The real estate transaction comes after SBA announced a series of other deals.

Last month, SBB announced a deal with the world’s largest lender, the National Association of Realtors, to acquire about 50 percent of the company’s portfolio of commercial properties.

This includes more than 1,000 luxury apartments, more than 3,000 condominiums, 1,600 townhouses, 4,000 houses, more a half-dozen condominium complexes and 2,600 retail stores.

It also includes the company that manages the properties.

The other deals include a deal that SBA made with the University of California-Berkeley and two other companies, one of which is owned by the Trump family.

The most expensive piece of the SBA deal is a $2 billion deal that has been in the works for months.

SBE plans to buy the majority of the U.S. real estate market by 2020, including the top 10 markets.

In that year, SBE will pay about $3 billion for roughly half of the market, including $1.5 million for each of the top 50 markets.

SOB Group is the parent company of the Chicago Board of Trade.

In addition to the SotheBella deal, SOB is buying up the real property at 2 Washington St. and the commercial properties at 13th and Lafayette streets, which is where the new Sothe-by-Sothe is set to go.

The deals are expected to close in the next few months.

The $5-billion deal, which SBA has not announced, could be the most expensive real-property deal in the United States.

The SBA sale is expected on a par with the $7.5-billion purchase of a New York City condominium complex by the city, and a $3-billion transaction for the same property in Manhattan.

The $2-billion Sothebrookby deal is the largest sale of a single piece of real-value property in history.

The SotheBroker acquisition, which took place in 2016, is expected be more of a catalyst for the future of realtors than other deals, said Jeffery Miller, managing director of realtor and estate services at Sothebrands.

It may be a good deal for the average consumer, but it’s going to be a very expensive deal for SBA,” Miller said. “That