Why Wake County is looking at a $5M maintenance fee for a new condo tower

WASHINGTON (AP) For more than a decade, residents of a Wake County condominium tower have complained about mold and other problems with their place.

But a new report from the city of New York suggests it’s time to move on.

New York City says a $6.5 million maintenance fee is needed to keep the structure up to code.

New Yorkers who live in the condo tower say the problem is the building itself.

In a statement, Wake County said the new report was incomplete, citing a report from a different inspector that found no structural issues.

It said the county has spent more than $6 million on maintenance since 2012.

The building at 1 West 5th Street is the only tower in the county to receive a state inspection.

The inspector reported that no structural deficiencies exist.

New Jersey officials have ordered a new building inspection and an inspection of the existing tower.