Redfin realtor reveals $1m sale of house for $4m to a NSW man

A NSW real estate agent is opening up a sale of a two-bedroom house for more than $4 million.

Redfin Real Estate said the $1 million sale of the house in the Sydney suburb of Redcliffe was made possible by the Federal Government’s $4.3 billion package for property.

“Redfin has developed properties around the world including in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide and this is one of our largest and most well-known properties in NSW,” Mr Ross said.

“The house is in a lovely location, the owners have taken great care of it, and the new owner has given the property an excellent heritage status.”

Redfin president of managing director Ian Wilson said the sale would help ensure the property was preserved for the future.

“This property is part of our portfolio and has been a special favourite for Redfin for many years,” Mr Wilson said.

“It was our first property in NSW, and we’re excited to be bringing it back for a second time.”

The property is valued at $4,904,000.

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Real Estate Prices In Real Estate Markets In The US In 2018

New York, September 10 (ANI): With the housing market in California and other parts of the US facing its own housing crisis, real estate prices in New York have risen steadily since the start of the year.

The median home price in the city reached $1.18 million in August, a 7.9% increase from the previous month, according to the Real Estate Board of New York.

In September, the median home prices in the US reached $534,900, a 17.5% increase.

According to the Bespoke Real Estate Analytics, a New York-based real estate research firm, the average price in Brooklyn for a two-bedroom apartment rose to $1,849,700 from $1 to $2,200,000 in September.

The median price in Manhattan, meanwhile, rose 6.3% to $4,847,700.

The average price of a two bedroom in San Francisco rose 6% in September, while the median price of an apartment in the San Fernando Valley climbed 8.6% to a record $3,400,000.

The highest median price for a three-bedroom in San Diego jumped 17.7% to an all-time high of $4.2 million, according the Zillow data.

In the Los Angeles area, the most expensive home price, at $1 million, rose to more than $2 million.

In the Los Feliz area, home prices are up 21.6%, with median prices in downtown Los Angeles up 10.7%.

The highest median prices are in Inglewood, where the median rose to a $2.7 million price in September 2017.

In New York City, median prices were up 19.9%, and the median rent in Brooklyn was up 16.2%.

The median rent was $1 per square foot in Manhattan in September and $2 per square feet in Brooklyn in September 2018.

In Chicago, median rents rose 14.6%.

In the Chicago suburb of Englewood the median rental price was $2 more than the median wage in September in 2018.