How to buy a condo in Vancouver without paying a broker

Vancouver is the home of some of the most expensive real estate in the world, with a median price of $3.8 million.

But buying a condo without the broker’s approval is an expensive proposition.

That’s because it’s hard to get a mortgage or even rent an apartment without a bank loan.

Here’s how to buy your own condo without having to sign a contract.

Read more about housing, real estate, housing finance, rental, real-estate, Vancouver source Business Wire title Airbnb’s new ad features a Canadian accent and is really creepy article Airbnb has released a new commercial for its newest service, called The Airbnb of Vancouver, which shows the ad of an Australian man who’s renting a house in Vancouver, with accents and creepy imagery.

The ad was created by the advertising agency Rhett &Beale.

“We’ve seen the ad on a number of different channels and we thought it was the perfect opportunity to use it,” the company wrote on Twitter.

“The Airbnb of Vancouvers accent and creepy images are a perfect match for the brand.”

The ad is now live on the company’s website and YouTube channel.