How to build a better portfolio for real estate investment

The way we buy and sell our homes is changing, and that could mean a better way of saving for retirement.

According to a report from The Hill, there are many reasons for the change.

The most recent, and arguably most important, is that we’ve become more attuned to trends and the effects they have on the economy.

The report finds that many of the most recent trends have been the biggest culprits for slowing home sales.

For instance, the number of new home listings fell 4.5% in April.

That’s the first decrease since May of 2016.

The biggest factor slowing sales was a lack of supply, which contributed to a 7.7% increase in the number that went unsold in April, according to The Hill.

This means that while new listings rose 5.5%, inventory plummeted.

The reason for this lack of inventory was due to a weak job market, with fewer people looking for work, the report found.

It was also the result of a sharp drop in home values.

In fact, home prices in March fell 6.2% from the same month in 2016, the lowest since April of 2016, according the report.

That drop was the largest in nearly a year.

According the report, this trend is also driving up home prices.

Home prices have gone up by an average of 11.7%, and are up by 11.3% for homes in the metro areas with the largest number of listings, such as Orlando, Miami, Las Vegas, and Dallas.

This increase in prices, coupled with a lack in supply, has left many people with debt, which has led to a number of different kinds of financial woes, the paper notes.

One such problem is a lack the ability to pay off the debt, and this can lead to higher debt levels.

This lack of money also puts a strain on the retirement accounts of those with credit card debt, the study notes.

The number of people with credit cards has risen by 23.5 million since January of this year.

This means that people with high credit card balances are also more likely to have to repay their debt, because they are less likely to qualify for financial aid or be able to get a loan modification.

While the report is pointing to the rise in home prices as a cause for the increase in home debt, it is not the only cause of the decline in home sales, and it is still likely to continue.

It will take more time for home prices to recover before prices for homes will be back to normal levels, but the report says that even after this rebound, prices are likely to remain below where they were when the housing market crashed in 2007.