A Panama real estate listing for $9.9M that may or may not include Trump properties

Panama real property is in the market for a new buyer, and it may be worth a lot more than the $9,945,000 listing the Trump Organization sold in 2017.

The listing on the Panamanian-registered Realtor.com is one of the biggest in recent years, but it may have only one thing in common with the original.

It’s not for sale.

It may have the same name, but a completely different listing, the website said on Wednesday.

The listing has an updated description, and the listing was taken down a few hours after it went up.

Panamanian Real Estate, which owns several properties in Panama and the Bahamas, says it has listed its listing on Realtors.com, which has a listing for a Panamanians mansion in the Bahamas for $5.2 million.

That listing has been removed.

Realtors is owned by real estate company, Conde Nast Real Estate Group, which was purchased by Donald Trump in 2000.

The company has been listed on the Real Estate Board of America website for several years, and in 2018, it was listed for $3.3 million.

Reid Parker, president of Realtions.com Real Estate Agency, which is not connected to Conde, said the company is “unable to provide comment as of this time” about the listing.

The Trump Organization has not responded to questions about the deal.

Panama’s president, Guillermo Zucchetti, has been under fire from Democrats and some members of the Trump administration, who say the Trump family is trying to curry favor with the powerful and influential with his use of the family business.

Zucchettis company has sold multiple Trump properties in the past, including the Trump Plaza Hotel in Washington D.C. in 2013.

But Zucchetis company is still listed on Realty.com.

The Realtion.com listing was removed a few days after it was posted.

The website said that it is now up for sale, and that it does not yet have a price.

It was updated on Wednesday to say it is selling for $4.2M.

The original listing on Real Estate.com did not have an updated listing, but the listing from 2017 has a new description that says the property is “in the heart of the Panama Canal zone.

Located on the shores of the Grand Canal, the property offers a breathtaking panorama of the Pacific Ocean and its surrounding area.”

The listing did not include a price, but Realters.com said it was “in active negotiation” with the buyer.

It said it would provide an updated price when it has more information.

Zucchetti is not the only wealthy businessman to buy properties in Washington.

The Trump Organization owns a hotel in Washington that is part of the White House.

And Trump himself is not an owner of a property in the U.S. or Panama.